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Cooling System Chemicals

Customized chemical treatment products for industrial cooling towers and water systems.

Pretreatment Chemicals

Pretreatment solutions to optimize and extend the life and performance of membrane and reverse osmosis operations.

Raw and Wastewater

Removal of suspended and dissolved solids from both industrial influent and effluent waters.

Why Choose Us?

Daica’s high performance chemical treatment products and specialty additives are used successfully in many of the most demanding commercial, municipal and industrial process environments where they help to improve productivity, optimize performance and reduce equipment life-cycle costs.

Customized to your system requirements

We have a complete series of advanced chemical solutions for every stage of your industrial water operation. From the intake of raw water or pretreatment for utility makeup to wastewater disposal, Daica can provide a chemical treatment program customized for your unique system requirements.

Our company truly excels when it comes to the application of chemical solutions and technologies. Water treatment is a science, but the optimal diagnosis and selection of a treatment program can be an art. It takes years of field experience to learn how to evaluate a water system and determine its potential to corrode, scale, or foul the various heat transfer surfaces.

A water treatment chemical program needs to be customized and applied with the utmost care. We regularly monitor the water quality in our customer’s systems and make prompt recommendations for adjustments when needed.