Internal Boiler Treatment

The purpose of a boiler is to produce steam for heating, for plant processes, and for driving turbines that produce electricity. While boiler systems vary in shape and size, they typically consist of the Boiler and its support systems: Pretreatment, Condensate, and Feedwater. Strict care and control will keep boiler systems operating at peak performance. Common problems to avoid are Impurities, Carryover, Corrosion, and Deposits.

Billions of pounds of steam are generated each day worldwide using boiler treatment programs. Proper water treatment can provide a measurable return on your investment with savings in fuel, water, chemicals and repairs.  

Proper boiler treatment:

  • reduces utility costs
  • extends the life of boilers
  • improves boiler efficiency
  • cuts downtime
  • lowers maintenance costs

Daica addresses water conditions related to hardness, oxygen, silica, iron and more. In low pressure boilers internal treatment may be the only treatment necessary because much of the condensate is returned and the raw water is of good quality. Moderate and high pressure boilers require both external pretreatment and internal treatment. Deposit control is critical in preventing costly boiler tube failures or wasted fuel. 

Benefits of Daica programs include:

  • boiler cleanliness for optimized heat transfer, lower fuel bills, and fewer tube failures
  • lower corrosivity for increased boiler reliability and fewer unplanned shutdowns due to corrosion
  • superior passivation to further protect feedwater and boiler surfaces from corrosion and unnecessary repair costs
  • low solids contribution which allows higher cycles and results in less water, Btu’s and chemical blown down the drain
  • ease in feeding and control to help assure optimum results